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So, here’s what euclase sent me for our Avengers art trade. The most flawless Loki pencil portrait in probably the history of humanity and Asgard. I can’t even figure out how she got it so perfect (…blending stumps? Godlike patience?) but it’s to be expected of her work. Thank you SO much for doing this with me, Licia. You absolutely rock and I will treasure this drawing forever.

I went to ConnectiCon this weekend with a group of awesome people, and I demanded to take a photo with every Loki I saw. I had all my friends on the look-out for Loki cosplayers… ehehehe


A lovely piece I purchased from alicexz . I have now framed it and nailed it up. If you have not seen her stuff do it now! 

I apologize for the quality of the picture. I had only my phone.

AHHHH! This lovely person bought the original of my Loki sketch and did this awesome framing job!