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Just to clarify, you're alright with people sharing your Sherlock ecards on other websites, just as long as they don't tamper with the signature and such, right?


Of course! I’m okay with any sharing for the sake of sharing or non-commercial use of any of my artworks. That’s what I put them online for! Go crazy.

I also don’t care if you print out my drawings to decorate your room or whatever (another anon asked about this); I understand not everyone can afford prints and sometimes I don’t sell prints of whatever crappy doodle (like the ecards) so yes again, any personal usage of my art is fine.

It’s only when people deliberately don’t credit me and go out of their way to photoshop out my signature that makes me very sad. :( It seems to happen a lot with those ecards in particular which is why I put some snarky watermarks on my latest ones.