You are such an amazing and inspirational artist, like wow all your work is breathtaking. You probably get hundreds of asks like this but the chance you may see a nice message and it makes you smile outweighs me not typing this. Anyway, stay amazing, and keep blossoming with your drawings ^_^ xoxo


I JUST GOT THIS MESSAGE and I just want to thANK YOU ALL ANYONE WHO HAS EVER SENT A NICE ThING I’m sorry I hardly ever reply it’s just that I like to keep them around in my Inbox forever (kind of like holiday decorations that I annoyingly never take down)

Hi, so, I have an art assignment to do this firts week and i thought i could try doing your art of eleven, the one he's looking up, ya know. and I needed your permition. It's not going to put it on the internet or anything it's just school stuff. So pleeeease help me out??!


Guys, I must reiterate because I’ve been getting a lot of asks about this recently for some reason - it’s always okay to copy my art for educational purposes! Copying master works (not that I’m a master OTL but oof you know what I mean) is a great way to learn and I did it in school all the time - but of course it is absolutely essential that you don’t deceive your teacher(s) or audience about the source of your work! So just be sure to always credit your inspiration!

Arghh I really hope that’s not what anyone actually thinks… I get the “BRUSHES??” question almost every single day without fail, but the reason I have a hard time answering isn’t because I’m trying to ~protect my secrets~ or anything. (That’s totally silly, especially as I believe that the idea that specific brushes would make your art any better is… highly questionable at best.) It’s because the brushes I use aren’t mine to redistribute. As in, aside from fiddling with program defaults I hardly ever make my own brushes - I trawl the internet for free (or if warranted, paid) Photoshop brushes that other hardworking creatives make available. I cycle through many brush sets, delete the ones I don’t like, and what I end up keeping comprises my current “brush set.”

This presents a couple of problems in terms of sharing. I would feel bad about uploading my brushes because they aren’t “my” brushes. I didn’t make them. It’s like that unspoken rule amongst online stock artists - free to use in your art, but don’t claim as your own. You’ll say I could just credit, which I’d love to do, but the thing is I’ve tested so many brushes and combined so many sets that I don’t remember who made what anymore. I didn’t have any reason to keep track. And even then, not sure the original makers would appreciate me redistributing.

OH MY GOD sorry for the longest and ultimately most unhelpful post ever. To make up for it here’s some information and a list of great free brush sets that I may not necessarily use anymore, but I know I downloaded at some point (keep in mind I use Adobe Photoshop and all info following pertains to that program only):

FIRST. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I actually use Tool Presets, NOT Brush Presets. For those who don’t know, a tool preset saves information for a brush such as color, opacity and flow, so you don’t have to adjust it each time you switch. You should definitely learn to use and save your brushes as Tool Presets because they speed up productivity and are pretty much better in every way.
Z-PS-Brushes-V6 and Z-PS-Brushes-V2 - so, these already come as tool presets (.TPL), not brushes (.ABR), they’re equally easy to install and I can vouch that both sets are amazing.
fox-orian’s Essential Illustration Brushes V3 - this is the original set where that famous “hexagon” brush I use in some of my works came from. Got a lot of questions about that brush…
Tony Hurst’s Tones Brush Set No.1 & Tones Tool Presets - I’m not sure if I use these sets anymore but they’re all useful and have great texture.
DITLEV’s Digital Watercolor - I’m pretty sure these brushes are huge and therefore sort of lag on my computer, but they do have a wonderful watercolor-ish effect. I use these sometimes for color blocking.
DanLuVisiArt’s Brushes - A very famous free brush set, probably the first result on deviantART, for good reason. One of the first I ever downloaded, I still use some of these, it’s an amazing set for digital painters. Highly recommended for beginners.
sandara’s Brushes - Another highly recommended set for beginners. Simple, basic, very useful.

Okay… tl;dr but hope that helped in the end! And like I said - the best “brush advice” I can give is to be proactive. If you’re feeling sick of your current set, wipe it and really spend some time testing out new brushes. DELETE the brushes you know you’ll never use (not only do the suck up your computer’s resources since you have to wait for all that shit to load, they are distracting.) Keep yo’ shit ORGANIZED. And most importantly - don’t FIXATE on the idea that only “good brushes will make my art good.” That’s total bull. Brushes are ultimately tools for your art, they are useful but they won’t make up for actual artistic understanding. A great watercolor painting is great because the artist painted it well - you don’t look at it and go “oh, it must be because they used Winsor & Newton watercolors.” Many digital painters create incredible things with the defaults. In the end it’s up to you to push your resources to the limit!


What attire do you prefer people to wear to your "Moments" show? Formal, semi-formal, casual, whatever we prefer..?


Wow I didn’t even think of this hahahaa please wear whatever you’d like oh my gosh!!

Note that the show itself is open for three weeks (June 7th-28th), and if you’re in NYC you can come and look at the art during any of the gallery’s hours (I just won’t be there.) The reception on June 7th is really not a big deal and just an excuse for everyone to hang out and meet me if they want. It’s NOT a formal occasion, it’s a small gallery, so just come and have some refreshments and drink some cheap beer (unless you’re underage, then you can have soda) while you judge and ridicule me and ughhhh seriously, I’d be honored to have any of you!!


As an independent artist making money from your own prints and things, how do you do your taxes? Is it hard? How do you calculate secondary distributor things like Society6 earnings? -The Boring One


Short answer: Yes, I pay taxes on everything I earn… such is life. I keep track of expenses vs. income all year, and have more knowledgable people assist me with the actual tax paperwork.

Long answer that is still short because someone already explained this better than I could: Read this very helpful Taxes for Freelancers guide by illustrator Kali Ciesemier!

Hello, just wanted to say, happy birthday! Please never stop sharing your wonderful art with all of us. It's been a real privilege to know of such a unique and wonderful smile. I always get the urge to draw whenever I see your work. And you also inspired me to get into portrait painting and such and it's working out very well. So thank you and have a nice day! :D



Just to clarify, you're alright with people sharing your Sherlock ecards on other websites, just as long as they don't tamper with the signature and such, right?


Of course! I’m okay with any sharing for the sake of sharing or non-commercial use of any of my artworks. That’s what I put them online for! Go crazy.

I also don’t care if you print out my drawings to decorate your room or whatever (another anon asked about this); I understand not everyone can afford prints and sometimes I don’t sell prints of whatever crappy doodle (like the ecards) so yes again, any personal usage of my art is fine.

It’s only when people deliberately don’t credit me and go out of their way to photoshop out my signature that makes me very sad. :( It seems to happen a lot with those ecards in particular which is why I put some snarky watermarks on my latest ones.

Nice!Anon Fairy, Hi! Wow, you are an incredibly gifted artist. Seriously, you blow my mind away with your work. And on top of all of that, you remain a delightfully humorous and down to earth person. I'm so glad that you decided to share yourself with all of us. Have a great day!


Ugh I LOVE Nice Anon Fairy