Because I’ve been getting a lot of messages informing me of this 9GAG post of my art (which I have seen and do not at all appreciate, considering they not only didn’t source me but stretched and distorted my artwork AND put their own watermark on)… I’m going to just quote my good friend Emmy in her excellent response to a similar 9GAG regurgitation of her work:


Pro tip for everyone: EVERYONES art is on 9GAG without credits! It’s what 9GAG does. It takes content from other users, posts it to its own website for page views (which it then profits off of) and gives 0 credit to the media-makers. This has happened to every content-making person I know. Websites like those (and there are MANY) are very harmful to the independent artist.

If you don’t want to encourage that kind of thing, DON’T visit websites like 9GAG or ICanHasCheeseburger or places like that :( Don’t link to them, don’t give them your valuable pageviews.

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