'—Be careful,' Remus hisses.

'—and don’t bang off anything Important,' James says with a broad wink.

'I wouldn’t call that Important,' Peter says disparagingly, 'given that our Moony lives the wild life of a eunuch anyway.'

'Hey, now,' Remus protests, 'I’m too weak to hit you, that’s unfair.'

'Don’t hate me because I’m so Important,' Peter says, and cackles.

'Everyone here is very Important,' James says soothingly. 'One of the many wonderful things about the Marauders is that we’re all… hugely… Important.'

'Except Sirius,' Peter says, almost reflexively.

'That’s not what your mother said last night,' Sirius replies.

The Shoebox Project, aka THE. GREATEST. FIC. EVER. WRITTEN.

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