Hello! Are you going to be going to Fanime next weekend? And if so, where can I find you?


Hello! I unfortunately won’t be at Fanime. I actually can’t leave the house until I finish work for my show on June 7th… not even to see Star Trek

Since we’re here, this is my 2013 con/event schedule, subject to change:

MOMENTS" Solo Exhibition (opening reception)
Bottleneck Gallery, Brooklyn, NY – June 7 – confirmed

Anime Expo (artist alley TABLE C30)
➶ Los Angeles, CA – July 4-7 – confirmed

Bay Area Sherlock Con (special guest, artist alley)
➶ Santa Clara, CA – August 17 – confirmed

New York Comic Con
➶ New York, NY – October 10-13

Please note that before this year, I actually have NEVER sold at a con before (AX will be my first ever. I am a n00b.) So please be aware that I will probably massively unprepared and understocked until I get the hang of it… but… come say hi anyway! :)